On June 5th, a fallen tree occurred on the mountain path from Tonosawa Station to Hakone Yuryo, and the pedestrian path from Tonosawa Station is currently closed.
There are no issues with access from Hakone-Yumoto Station, so please use your car or the free shuttle bus.

Hakone Yuryo

Hakone Yuryo

A hot spring resort that’s easily accessible from Tokyo as a day trip

Irori Restaurant

“Irorisaryo Hachiri”

Enjoy a meal amidst our rustic ambiance.

Take the opportunity to try for yourself authentic irori ( hearth - cooked ) cuisine. We are sure the quality of our cuisine will make you want to visit us again and again. Visitors wishing to use the restaurant alone are welcome.

About irori cuisine

Hearth - cooked irori cuisine offers you food cooked carefully over a charcoal fire on a grill or on skewers. In traditional Japanese houses a part of the floor was used to create a sunken hearth in which coal and wood were packed in to make a fire. At Hachiri we have recreated this on a tabletop for you to enjoy.